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  • Q.E.D. Alcohol Saliva Test (CLIA Waived) : (Box of 10)


    The Q.E.D. was one of the first devices to be approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as an Alcohol Screening Device. DOT approval means that the Q.E.D. reliably and accurately detects alcohol at the 0.02 concentration or higher, and does not give false positive readings when no alcohol is present. DOT approval allows users to use the Q.E.D. for screening tests required by Dept. of Transportation regulations.
    Semi-quantitative Results
    Because the proportion of alcohol in saliva is directly related to the proportion of alcohol in blood, the Q.E.D. device can accurately measure intoxication levels. Alcohol in the saliva creates a column of vivid reddish-purple color. The user reads the device at the upper limit of the color using the scale, exactly like reading a thermometer. If no alcohol is present no color develops.
    Accurate as Blood Alcohol Test
    The Q.E.D. device virtually duplicates blood alcohol results. Studies have demonstrated a .98 correlation (1.00 is a perfect correlation) between saliva test results with the Q.E.D. and laboratory blood alcohol results.